Do you have a Dwight Schrute in your Office?

Dwight Schrute - The Office Downer

Dwight Schrute - The Office Downer

How do HR folks feel about office pranksters?  Do you think it’s creating a “fun” environment and it boosts morale?   Or do you think it inhibits productivity?  Perhaps you believe it just confirms the prankster can’t be taken seriously in a professional environment.

Here’s my take on this:  most people like to have fun.  Pranks, if done in good taste, aren’t mean and have a carefully chosen good-natured target, are FUN.  That’s right, work can and should be fun.  Worried the employees are missing work time pulling their latest evil feat?  Puhleease.  Most of the pranks I’ve pulled have required that I come in earlier than everyone else to set it up.  That’s right, most of these pranks are on my time.  Alternatively, when they do take up corporate time, believe me, I don’t care that I’m staying an extra 30 min. to meet a deadline because I just spent the entire day either doing my evil laugh (mu-hahaha!) or my “I-think-I-just-burst-my-appendix” laugh.

The bottom line is that fun at work = higher morale = happier staff = people who love coming in to work = people who get the work done.

Definitely more fun than coming up with an Absenteeism/Tardiness policy or progressive discipline to deal with the rising numbers of folks who just don’t want to come into work:  “No more sick pay”


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