Why I H8 Twitter.

  1. I don’t get it.  (Though I know this really shouldn’t be a reason to dislike something and is a bit judgemental in other circumstances.)
  2. I don’t really want to know what people are doing or thinking all the time.
  3. I don’t think others want to know what I’m doing or thinking all the time.
  4. The Twitter vocabularly is very annoying.  If I’m going to learn a language, it will be Italian.  Tweet this.
  5. You can’t measure the results e.g. the rate of successful applications resulting from Twitter job postings.
  6. The retention rate is ludicrous – it even looks like Oprah gave up, despite her initial enthusiasm.  And I don’t know anyone on Twitter except companies and I really don’t want to volunteer to receive junk mail.
  7. Better alternatives to communicating updates, like the status update on LinkedIn.
  8. Better alternatives to communicating real ideas, like blogs.

Challenge me if you think otherwise.


5 Responses

  1. Consider yourself challenged – I disagree.

    This isn’t intended to be a criticism, but I think the problem may in fact be that you don’t understand Twitter. There is a surprising amount of leeway to adapt how you use Twitter. You need to know what you what from it and then mold it for that purpose.

    I use it as an extension to my professional network. I only follow fellow HR folks. If someone I”m following turns out to be have silly updates, I unfollow.

    From there, I use Twitter much like I use the proverbial water cooler. “Hey, I was reading this great article on xyz, you ought to check it out”. “Hey, I have this problem, have you ever run into this before?” “Hey, you’ll never guess what happened to me today… check out my blog to find out more”. etc

    I work with great people, but lets be honest, I see them everyday and they’ve become less interesting. Twitter gives me access to and points me towards lots of other views and information.

    You don’t need to hear about what someone is doing every second of every day if you don’t want to – they are one mouse click away from you dumping them at any given moment.

    • I haven’t tried it but I have to say that after attending a conference last week that the traditional job posting websites that charge hundreds of dollars to post a job are looking a bit like a sunset industry. Let’s just tweet, build facebook pages, use craigslist and linkedin. Workopolis and monster seem so very…2003.

  2. Honestly, Twitter can be yet another blip on the continuously changing world of technology-enabled communication, or we can choose to use it for what we want. BLDGBLOG suggests twitter is a note taking tool, kind of like a ball point pen. It may not be useful for writing an essay, but it is useful for capturing quick thoughts.

    Unfortunately some of the people I like to follow don’t tweet…but some are and I’m trying. Since I like to check out new tools, I started to use it, but the value will come (perhaps) when others check it out to.

    Quite a lot of dialogue about something that only captures 140 characters…

    BLDGBLOG’s Article:

  3. I’m with you… after the conference and all the chatter, I decided that I needed to open my mind to twitter. I had specifically been avoiding it, assuming I didn’t need yet another draw on my time.

    So… ready to go, I set up an account on Monday and checked out a few people and wow… pointless dribble about where they happen to be right now, what they’re eating, etc. I bounced around a number of different people and it felt like I was a voyeur into a “chat” that I wasn’t a part of.

    I’m with you, after a couple hours of checking things out I didn’t see any value for me, just a lot of junk mail.

  4. I also respectfully disagree. 🙂

    In launching my professional blog and Twitter account this week, I look at it as the instant messaging of the 21st century. It’s instant interaction, in small (hopefully) meaningful bites. It’s instant relationship building, rather than old school networking.

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