Web 2.0, standardized processes and the US Air Force – oh my!

A friend of mine bought this shockingly bright yellow car some years ago and I remember thinking “wow, that’s different!”  Next thing, I see the same yellow cars everywhere.  I know this is a real psychological phenomenon, I just can’t remember the term.  (If you’re a smarty pants and know the answer, pass it on in the Comments.)

Here I am experiencing the same phenomenon.  I heard one thing about standardized processes and now I’m seeing it everywhere.  Check out what the US Air Force has gotten up to (and feel bad if you haven’t done anything to get value from Web 2.0).  Pshaw – the Air Force, you say?  Of course they would have something like this.  Think about it – they’ve got to entice people to sign up for a job that requires several location transfers, lengthy periods away from loved ones and with a higher probability of being hurt on the job than most people.

True, there are some fabulous ideas in the linked article to add to your employer branding to-do list but the true focus of this post is to talk about how the Air Force has implemented standardized processes.   They have forseen the need to develop a process flow called “How to Handle a Blog”,  a simple employee reference on how to respond to situations where the Air Force is being blogged about and an employee stumbles across the post.  The guidelines are easy to follow and yet they still allow the employee some flexibility by creating their own response – no intervention by management or the Communications department required and no robot-like response to copy and paste.

So, the US Air Force is innovative with recruiting and they’re doing the social networking thing.  And they’re building standardized processes.  This is not the blog to pass judgement on what they’re about but they sure have implemented some good HR stuff and managed to convince the government to fund them.

Now that you’ve seen a sample of a standardized process, what else can HR standardize so employees feel supported yet not stiffled in their role and therefore can easily execute on strategy?


One Response

  1. The answer is: performance support.

    Performance support is intended to help employees on-the-job. Google “performance support systems” or “electronic performance support systems” for more info.

    We tend to “train” our employees to death, but who hasn’t gone on a one-day course and then not remembered the course material when they needed it. Or ran into difficulties mid-way through a task.

    If HR folks thought about supporting their employees like this they could save their organizations tons of money.

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