Be a phoenix rising from the ashes

A few weeks ago I was at my mother’s house for a catch-up (and of course, dinner).  Suddenly the latest General Motors commercial came on.  I had never seen it before and unlike other ads, it caught my eye from the start.  I even asked my mom to stop talking to me for just a moment.  While this is not new territory for some, I don’t usually interrupt someone so I can see what’s on TV.  When the commercial ended, I had goose bumps, the kind you get when you’re waving a giant Canadian flag on Canada Day.  Ever since that night, whenever I see this commercial, I think “yeeessss!”.

The commercial is bluntly authentic, telling North Americans that they can no longer do business the way they have been and that they’re working towards change, using a mix of images that translate into strength, power, rebirth, the struggle to overcome challenges and most importantly, winning.  It’s clear that the changes wouldn’t take place overnight and the message was that they need everyone to cheer them on to be a success.

GM:  Way to rally your employees, customers, future customers and shareholders together to reinvent the brand and rebuild the company.  Since you’re a smart HR pro, you know that whenever there is a focussed and compelling goal and you get stakeholder buy-in, you’re increasing the chances of being successful.

Now I’m flipping this back to you, the HR’er – what you have done to reinvent yourself, your department, or your business that’s worthy of cheering on?  Have you reassessed the state of the organization and started to make plans to address a business problem or opportunity?  Have you made a compelling case to improve the bottom line, build a better brand, impact your communities, provide viable employment opportunities, and then rallied the troops behind the cause?

From one HR pro to another, know that I’ll be cheering you all the way… Go!  Go!  Go!


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