HR practices that are so 2000 & late

Thanks, Black Eyed Peas, for coining this new term.  I’m using it ad nauseam to annoy my friends, family and most importantly, coworkers.

BEP are always ahead of the game but then, they have to be.  As for HR, rest assured that you don’t always have to be ahead of the game.  But, you should at least be on top of your game by applying new ideas that have been tried, tested and produce results.

Trying to decide if you’re ahead, on par, or behind the game?  Here’s the quiz.  Make the most of it by thinking about your response before checking out the answer key.

  1. Are you upgrading your talent in the downturn?  In other words, are you letting go of poor performers in hopes of snatching up better employees?
  2. Do you care if your employees are at their desk or do you care if they deliver?
  3. Are you recruiting solely via your corporate careers site?
  4. Is your company making a profit, albeit less of one, and cutting employee pay and benefits to maintain it?
  5. Are you a hoarder?

Here’s your answer key:

  1. It’s understandable if you’re trading up while the War for Talent is on hiatus.  But let’s be blunt – you’re not giving the impression that you’re regularly dealing with underperformers and you’re missing an opportunity to be a game player.  (and pssst… like in your case, the high performers may still be working….)
  2. Of course, you care more that your employees deliver.  However, chances are that you pay by the clock and not the results.  The underlying assumption is that your employees have to be at their desks.  Think about it – how would you react if your employee walked out of your office after doing only 4 hours and yet they’ve met all their targets?  Figure your way around this to be on top of your game.
  3. If your answer is “yes” (save for the occasional newspaper ad), you must be watching the hit new show Three’s Company.  Using only your careers website as a sourcing tool is like being a hotdog vendor in the corner of an underground parking lot.  If you’re using LinkedIn, Facebook,  or Twitter, you’re at least on top of things, but you’re a long ways away from being ahead of the crowd.
  4. It’s a new world out there, one where people are fed up with exorbitant executive compensation and the sole focus on the shareholder.  Harvard Business Review says that “trust in business is running out”.  These smarties say that the future will include a “broadening [of] the list of key stakeholders to include employees, customers, suppliers, communities, the press, unions, government and civil society.”
    In other words, if your focus is on profit and the shareholder, you are officially 2008 and late.
  5. I get it, there’s a recession and we’re all in survival mode.  But history has taught us that society thrives when it works together.  Hoarding ideas, resources, people, money, knowledge, and whatever else is soooo over.  It’s all about collaboration, sharing, adding value, and unity because we’re all in this together, baby.

Thanks for playing!  Get ready for Round #2, where the questions will be tougher and the stakes higher.  Coming at you next week….


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