Yeeesss! My dishwasher is finally fixed

My solution to getting stuff done at home?  My least favourite option but the most necessary – take holiday time.  I’m thrilled to tell you that the dishwasher repair guy showed up on Monday, somewhere between the 10:30am-1pm he promised.  The irony?  There was nothing wrong with it in the first place.  I can’t believe I washed dishes by hand for the last six weeks.  Please, no questions….

Like several great people before me, I’m going to take the next few weeks off from the world of work to decompress.  That means it’s guest editor time!  Every week I’ll be featuring a guest blogger, each with their own twisted twist on the world and HR.  A quick intro to the bloggers you’ll be reading from:

First up to bat is fellow BC HRMA blogger, Suzanne Boyd.  Smartie girl is a Partner with Noverra Consulting & Capital Partners where she leads the HR practice.  She loves working with people and businesses to make a difference from a people perspective.  In her spare time, Suzanne loves reading about politics, social trends and enjoys the occasional glass of wine.  Check out her always insightful blog Peoplestuff.

Next up, Jonathan Lowe.  Currently a consultant for the executive search firm Galt Global Recruiting, J. Lowe has worked in the industry as an HR director and recruiter and in his former life  was an operations manager in the hotel industry.  Most importantly, he’s got a killer sense of humour.

In Week 3, it’s Ian Cook, Director of Research & Learning at BC Human Resources Management Association.  He’s also my boss.  He’s originally from Scotland, so be sure to read his stuff in your best brogue to maximize the impact of his wise words.

And finally, Kellie Auld, soon to be a featured blogger with BC HRMA! 
Kellie has been working in the Human Resources/Training & Development field since 2000 for a number of different organizations from government to a small privately-owned firm.  You can tell by her ideas and voice that Kellie’s an avid reader and has acquired a broad base of interests in HR.  With her new blog HR Scoops, she’s ready to connect with other HR pros about the ever-changing, ever-challenging field of HR. 

Good luck to all bloggers!   And now if you’ll excuse me, condensation is amassing outside my martini glass.  Must deal with rapidly deteriorating drink situation.


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