Most importantly, LinkedIn doesn’t have any Balloon Boy stories

Aaaand I’m back from my holidays.  An e-round of applause to our guest bloggers Suzanne Boyd, Jonathan Lowe, Ian Cook and Kellie Auld who did an excellent job in the last 4 weeks offering their opinion on the world of HR.  Now back to my point of view.  (Hey, I’m not being harsh here, they can go get their own blogs!)

So,  Mylie Cyrus is no longer twittering!  She said “the reasons are simple… I want my private life private – I’m done tryin’ to please.”  Wow, me and Mylie aren’t so different after all.  I don’t want the world to know about my personal life either, unless you really want to know that I’m taking my mom shopping tonight….

But what about using Twitter for business to garner more customers or revenue?  In HR, folks are using this tool for recruiting to generate interest in job openings and garner more applicants.

I previously mentioned my dislike of Twitter.  Perhaps I’m too much on the cusp of Generation Y to understand it.  For Twitter to work, you have to “follow” people in order to get people to follow you and therefore receive your latest posts looking for a “Customer Service Rep extraordinaire”.

I’m not on Twitter because I believe I’ll explode from information overload.  If it was all about business, well, I may be convinced.  But Twitter crosses the line between personal and professional and I unfortunately I’d have to wade through stuff like the Balloon Boy phenomenon.  During the in-flight saga, people went nuts posting on Twitter to the rate of 1000 tweets a minute.  OK, I get the in-the-moment frenzy, afterall I was on CBC reading the latest story.  But if I wanted to use Twitter for business, what did I really get out of this social media investment?

show me the moneyWhat I would like is to hear from folks who are using Twitter for work and using it well.  And most importantly, show me the money!  I want to hear whether or not you can prove it’s working for your business.

One thing I certainly don’t understand is the HR community’s inability to grasp the concept of LinkedIn.  For those of you who groaned, it’s not Facebook folks, it’s a professional site.  Other professionals are on it busily networking with their customers, suppliers, potential employees and even other recruiters.  The smart folks are using LinkedIn to find out about important events and have discussions with others on topics such as how employers are dealing with the H1N1 flu.

Not taking advantage of the wonderful world of LinkedIn is like telling someone “I know you’re offering me $1 million dollars but really, I can’t be bothered to do anything with it so just give it to someone else”.

I’m showing you the money.  So why are you leaving it on the table?


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  1. Helen, I think we are on some kind of web-wavelength!

    I wrote about a couple of things on my blog recently, relevant to this post.

    One is about how organizations could use twitter for performance support (helping people do their job) which I believe has real business potential.

    The other is on how great networks – mainly LinkedIn – are and what business value they offer. For me, LinkedIn has resulted in real income.

    Hey, and I’ll put in a plug for my web 2.0 webinar, where we’ll talk about this exact topic!

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