Finally someone’s showing me some money

In last week’s post, I issued the following challenge:

What I would like is to hear from folks who are using Twitter for work and using it well.  And most importantly, show me the money!  I want to hear whether or not you can prove it’s working for your business.

It’s about time someone responded to this challenge because it’s been a quiet, quiet world out there on measuring the value of social networking.   The response comes from Jessica Lee at Fistful of Talent.  OK, so she didn’t exactly say that her blog post was a direct response to my call for reaction but I like to think that I inspired this piece of work in which she describes finding a quality hire via Web 2.0:

How ’bout them apples? Right? I tweeted something pretty harmlessly. They went to my blog to learn more. They then contacted me via Facebook. And then the wheels started turning. Twitter. Blog. Facebook. Oh, and one other detail about this story? Her friend was following me on Twitter because a recruiter at a competing company recommended that she follow me during an informational interview where she was asking about people in the industry to pay attention to for jobs. Read that again. Community matters. Networks matter. Relationships really matter. And – there was no cost to this hire except for the investment of time and effort I’ve made to be a good, contributing member of the social media community. That’s it.

Good point of view – social networking is ultimately about networking.  In this case there was a straight line between the Tweet to the new hire.  However, as with any type of networking, it can be difficult to draw a straight line from the networking event to a sale or hire.  But I’ll still don’t believe Twitter is all that and a bag of chips.  The time/effort equation to get Twitter working for you doesn’t seem worthwhile.  Wouldn’t you have just as much success not using Twitter but spending more time on other social networking activities?


4 Responses

  1. Now you’ve got me wondering if the same thing wouldn’t have happened using a different combination. What about commenting and emailing? Or Linkedin and a blog post?

  2. LinkedIn is a great network and esy to manage-you don’t have to spend too much time to find what you want and your connections tend to keep their contact information up to date. A great replacement for the old Outlook Contacts List.
    Twitter on the other hand is time consuming and somewhat frustrating-the short posts are often without meaning and having to open links is often a waste of time-the short post doesn’t tell you enough to know whether opening the link is worth it. I use LinkedIn every day, Twitter-rarely.

  3. I believe in social networking. I use Twittter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and manage a blog for our company. Yes, it takes some time to invest in social media, but we’ve seen it pay off in brand exposure. Because of Twitter, we’ve had editorial exposure in newspapers and magazines. We’ve further developed relationships with our clients because we’ve kept up with open communication. People have positively commented on our social media efforts. So, yes, it’s working.

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