The secrets to my success?

I’m always reading up on stories of how people have achieved their career success.  Most recently I was reading up on wise words of advice from top business people in the November 2009 issue of BC Business magazine.  My favourite quote comes from local billionaire Jimmy Pattison mostly because it mimics my motto and I like anything that proves I’m right:

Not long ago I stumbled upon a very authentic blog post which starts off with the blogger Michael G. Brandt telling a very personal story of career lessons he learned the hard way.  He then shares his own secrets to success as a result of his experiences:

1.     I am replaceable; there is always someone who will step up.
2.     I will never get promoted or move up in the world by complaining or blaming. So what if someone did me wrong. It happens to us all.
3.     Anger is a guaranteed way to destroy your career.
4.     I can recover from anything; work harder than anyone else around you.
5.     Be the role model not that person everyone talks about.
6.     Never blame anyone for where I am in my career. Top people don’t expect life to come to them. They seize every opportunity.

2010 is almost here so I’m looking for a fresh start and quite frankly some motivation in this cold weather.  What is your own personal motto or words you live by on your own path to success?


5 Responses

  1. Those last tips are VERY authentic, but VERY true. The only one I try to live by is you are either in or in the way.

  2. WOW – great post for a year coming to a close. I don’t know if I would consider myself successful, but I believe that no matter what you do you 1) work hard and 2) serve others (give value) and all the nice gush stuff will come naturally. If you focus on serving yourself, 1) it will back fire because you haven’t worked hard and 2) you don’t deserve it.

  3. Great ‘secrets to success’! One I’ve learnt along the way is that you can’t only work hard and do good work, you have to let other people (especially those you report to) know about the good work. It has never been something I’m comfortable with – feels too much like bragging – but otherwise you, your programs and your budgets can be overlooked. HR metrics help tell the story!

  4. Thanks for picking up my post. It was good catching up with my former CTO when writing that blog. I think everyone learns this lesson but some sooner than others.

    Mike Brandt
    BrightMove Recruiting Software

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