Want to learn HR? Blogging is where it’s at

A recent online poll by HR Executive Online shows that 90% of HR professionals are reading blogs with 48% saying that “HR blogs give me new, fresh ideas about the HR profession and where it’s heading”.  I’ve definitely found that reading HR blogs is a great way to keep a pulse on what’s going on out there on a timely basis, have your thoughts and beliefs challenged, and 9 times out of 10, it’s a very entertaining way to learn valuable HR lessons, such as on HR metrics.  Best of all, blogs are a super quick and easy read if you only have 3 seconds to scan information. 

Case in point, Suzanne Boyd’s Peoplestuff.  Suzanne is one of my fellow bloggers featured by the BC Human Resources Management Association and she is getting a round of e-applause by readers for writing about her beef with processed foods and its impact on employee health and wellness, all done with a pop culture twist.  Fistful of Talent named her blog as one of the “Best of the Blogosphere” for 2009.  Congrats to Suz!

If you’re looking for quick sound (read) bites to stay fresh and inspired in your career, check out the list of some of my favourite blogs in my blogroll.  A special shoutout to The DL on HR – writer Agata Zasada is wanting to hear about your perplexing HR conundrums so she can give you her valuable advice in her blog’s Q&A format.

Hey, I think I just gave you an example of how social networking can be used as a learning tool….


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