Will the Olympics create the workplace of the future?

Yes, folks, the Olympics are starting in Van City in 9 days!

Those nail-biting worries we had are now becoming reality.  One being the lack of snow on Cypress Mountain for the snowboarding events but contingency planning saved that one.  And considering the city crackdown on the car with those traffic-halting road closures, how will Metro Vancouver’s 2.2 million inhabitants get around?  Today is one of the first days that I got a true taste of it as people are finally starting to understand the message:  “leave your car at home”. 

With potential wait times of up to 1 hour at major transit hubs as people move between events, work and home, the powers at the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) are encouraging commuters to get into the downtown core by 7am and leave by 2pm, otherwise expect to be trapped there until 7pm.  Guess there are worse fates than enjoying some free Olympic events to kill the time…

To accomodate, my workplace has changed its hours from 7am-2:30pm and is offering telecommuting while ensuring service levels are still being met.  It’s a bit of a “lick an index finger and put in the air” situation right now as we really don’t know how long it will take to get to work and how busy work will be.  Organizations and employees alike will need to be flexible during this time and apply a bit of “take it as it comes” attitude.

I’m predicting Vancouver 2010 will do two key things:  1)  bring the world to see my favourite city and hometown 2) give the world a glimpse of a true city of the future, a city that uses public transportation to the max and leaves the car at home… a business community that has invested in policies and technology to enable employees to work from home and work flexible hours.  Vancouver will show the world the way work will be done in future.  Famous local writer Douglas Coupland will have to write a new best seller to replace his outdated Generation X.

Quoting the wise words of some famous person, “Go Canada Go!”.

Famous Factoid Moment:  the term Generation X was created by Vancouverite Douglas Coupland.

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