April 1st declared National & Federal Workplace Privacy Awareness Day!

Did you know that April 1st is the annual National & Federal Privacy Awareness Day?  I kid you not!

Answering to calls from the Canadian Privacy Commander in Chief, Art Usmart, in the workplace, too  much information is left available for the world to see on the computer screen:

Employees get up to get coffee or a diet root beer, chat with coworkers or visit the loo and aren’t locking their computers, leaving valuable and confidential information vulnerable to being viewed by unscrupulous eyes.  This first annual Privacy Awareness Day is one way to bring this travesty to light.

Privacy  expert, April Day, makes several recommendations, such as locking your computer when leaving your desk.  Other recommendations include:  leaving a post-it note on your monitor asking no one to look at the information, asking your coworkers to “watch your back”, or setting up several strategic security cameras around your office or cubicle.  Day recommends looking into purchasing one of several security cameras disposed of post-Olympics as “there are several thousand of them available”.

Earlier this year, The HR Capitalist blog wrote about the topic in the post “Employees Leaving their Laptops Unsecure?” and makes several recommendations on how to tackle the issue, such as hitting Ctrl+Delete+Down Arrow to flip the offender’s screen upside down, thus requiring the employee to spend the rest of the day working upside down, and in shame.  And as all true HR pros know, there is no better motivator out there like shame.

So, what do you think… whose responsibility is it to ensure that confidential information remains confidential?  Is it the employer or employees?


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