Do you love your job?

With summer now upon us, I am finding it harder to keep my nose to the grindstone and focus on the tasks at hand.  And in talking to friends, I have realized that this really is the time of year that people start to have qualms about their position and are sometimes itching to move on to a new opportunity. 

When it is hot outside, do you really want to deal with employee problems, hiring new staff and conducting training sessions?  Of course not….who would?  You and I know that Bob who tells you he needs time off because his second aunt twice removed is in hospital and asking to see him really has a tee time with his buddies.  Can you blame him?  No.  Do you envy him?  Yes. 

Instead of focusing on everything you are missing while working, and how guys like Bob are shirking their jobs to go golfing really tick you off, take some time to regain focus and learn to love your job again.

Here are a few ways to help re-focus your energies and to start feeling the excitement again that you had when you first started your position:

  • What were your reasons for taking this job?
    • Make a list and keep it handy for those days you really don’t feel like being at work.
  • What is wrong with your job?
    • Write down everything you don’t like about your job and then make a list on how you would change these things no matter how ridiculous these ideas are.  Having a plan will make you feel better.
  • Dress for success.  Remember how you much time and care you took getting ready when you first started?  Dressing for success will make you feel good about yourself and in turn you will perform better.
  • Socialize.  Get out of your chair and go say “hi” to your colleagues.  Don’t just email your question.  Go ask it in person.  Not only is it good for you physically, it is good for you to emotionally connect with the people you work with.

When the honeymoon is over and the job relationship is in full swing try to rekindle some of the old excitement.  You and your job will be better for it.

For further reading on this topic check out the following books:


Dana Sebal has over 10 years Marketing and Human Resources experience.  Outside of her professional career, Dana’s passions include her family, rowing, running, tennis, skiing, yoga, and Beagles.


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