What I learned at Disneyland

If you read my previous post, I was in Disneyland for a week of my vacation.  You know, I forked over too much money on mouse ears, cotton candy and the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I watched a zillion meltdowns from overstimulated kids, and my nephew got sick all over me but it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Here’s why:

  1. They say that at Disneyland the most important employees are the sweepers (more important than Mickey Mouse) because they are in the customer service role.  Yes, they keep the park clean but really their primary job is to answer any visitor question.  Knowing this, and because I’m evil, I tested this out with several inane questions and the sweepers rocked each one of them.  The lesson:  the service at Disneyland will floor you.  But then again, I didn’t spend my hard-earned money and fly for 3 hours to talk to a sweeper.
  2. I visited the Boudin Bakery at Disney’s California Adventure which was quite interesting given that I haven’t a clue what it was.  But we were walking by, got asked to come in for a tour and decided, why not?  Well now, it turned into an engaging 5 minute tour on how they make their famous sourdough bread, learned the history of the bread making and we got samples of the best tasting bread ever.  We were hooked.  We paid a fortune every day after that on this sourdough bread.  The lesson?  If no one is paying attention, open the doors for 5 minute tour of your department, wow them and give them something worth coming back for (and blogging about).
  3. Ke$ha and her entourage were on the plane ride from L.A. to Vancouver with us.  We were flying Westjet.  Not knocking it, I fly with them all the time but as Canadians know, Westjet is all coach, our equivalent to the the American Southwest Airlines.  My brother-in-law said seeing that he just lost all respect for the pop star; where was the rock & roll life style and glamour that comes with it?  The lesson here:  When perception and reality collide, it’s jarring.  Please, someone at the record company give her an advance, she’s had like 3 hit singles, I’m sure she’s good for the money.

In summary, I heart Disneyland.

Helen Luketic is the manager of HR metrics & research at BC Human Resources Management Association.  Besides editing this blog, researching and running the HR Metrics Service, she is busy working on a policy which would allow her to wear her Mini-Mouse ears to work.


2 Responses

  1. I agree! my Disney vacation has been the best experiences of my life as well! We were there last year and we are already planning to go again at the end of this year.

    We noticed that if there was any garbage on the floor would not last more than a few seconds before a sweeper came to clean up! I could not believe it but we tested it a few times.

    There is so much we can learn from Disney in the HR prospective and Customer Service. The efficiency and effectiveness of all their processes, every second counts, even if you are waiting for 2 hours for a ride, it is worth it all the way!

    It is smart. It is magic.

    I will help you write a policy to wear our Mini-Mouse ears to work 🙂

    • You’re totally right, Dalell, Disneyland has looked at the entire system to make sure that the experience works as a package. Your comment about not minding even a 2 hour wait is dead-on. I had to wait up to an hour to get on the Indiana Jones ride yet it didn’t feel like it… they set up the line ups so that they move quickly, are often not visible to you from the outside, and they provide an experience even while waiting in line, like the tunnels you have to go through to get to the Indiana Jones ride which were designed to look like you’re starting the ride as soon as you’re in the line.

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