Are you committed to your brand?

In a previous blog post Building an Internal Brand I talked about employer branding and how to create an internal brand.  One of the most important steps in internal branding is committing to the process.  Commitment is hard for a lot of people, especially me!  Therefore, to ease the long term pain and get used to the idea of committing, you will want to research and learn about your employee’s experience in your company. 

You can learn a lot from your current employees if you are willing to really listen to what they are trying to say to you.           

Discover what your employees believe to be your brand, what it promises to customers and what it promises to employees.   Conduct employee surveys that ask employees what is most important to them in the workplace, what they like or dislike about working at your company.  

Figure out how your customer and employer brands compare and what your employer brand requires from employees.  Ultimately your employees will be delivering on this promise. 

Define how your employer brand supports your business strategy and where your employees fit into the plan. 

Three ways to get your employees involved in the process:

  • Generate pride in the workplace for your employees
  • Create appropriate employee reward and recognition programs connected to the brand promise
  • Be consistent in supporting HR programs and processes over time

Not only will this research help you with your internal branding process, you will really get a feel for both the culture and the climate of your organization and if it is in line with your strategic goals.

In my next posts I will talk about new hires and former employees and how their input can help you with your goal of internal branding. 

Stop being a commitment-phobe and start talking to your employees. What they have to say may surprise you!

Dana Sebal has over 10 years Marketing and Human Resources experience.  Outside of her professional career, Dana’s passions include her family, rowing, running, tennis, skiing, yoga, and Beagles.


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