Business trip etiquette: just some thoughts

I am going on a trip to a conference as well for training to two separate companies.  I am interested to know what people believe is the correct dress code.  As many may know, I work for a yoga apparel company where I wear stretchy pants, tank tops, flips flops, runners, and so on all day long.  If I worked at a bank or another corporate type of environment this really wouldn’t be an issue.  Now if I am going as the guest to a conference, does that mean I need to go shopping and wear clothes I wouldn’t otherwise?

I figure since I am the “customer” in both situations that I should be allowed to wear and do as I would at my normal job.  But the question does arise – am I pushing the boundaries, does dress code really matter to the other company, and would they find it offensive or refreshing?

To make things more interesting, when we have consultants or vendors come to our office, we ask that they wear comfortable clothing (even if it isn’t stretchy pants) and have people come in wearing 3 piece suits, sweat pants, short shorts, dresses, and jeans.  Never have I seen anyone receive it as offensive if the person didn’t wear athletic wear.  What should I do?

Agata Zasada is an HR generalist in a fast-paced company no one in Vancouver ever has heard of, lululemon athletica.  She has three years of experience in HR supplemented by a BBA in HR. Outside of her love for her career, Agata has been learning to run as well as practicing yoga (mainly Savasana), and is known for her witty humour.


3 Responses

  1. Agata, I have to say I am jealous of your daily work-wear. I am of the camp that you should wear what makes you comfortable. That being said, I think you still need to think about how people will receive you in different situations. You only make a first impression once (or some other corny cliche..). Usually, when I go to conferences, training, etc, I just try to look decent and classy (unfortunately, that doesn’t include my lulus). That being said, if you led the charge, I just might follow!

  2. Personally, I always say “better over-dressed than under-dressed”. If I were you, I’d wear lulu wear – cropped yoga pants, tank top and a zen wrap: and accessorize the hell out of your outfit. Beautiful necklace, bracelets, shoes, earrings…

  3. I agree with Holly – over is better than under, and accessories are key!

    Also by piecing lulu with corporate wear you’ll be displaying the diversity of lulu – fabulous and functional!

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