Medieval Office Policies (literally!)

I recently went on a road trip around Germany. One of the towns we stopped in, Rothenburg, had a Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum. I just had to share the office policies they had posted from medieval times. Enjoy! 

Office Policies SignTranslation: 

  1. The policy for good office procedures is respect of God, cleanliness and punctuality.
  2. As of now, personnel will be present only on weekdays from six in the morning to six at night. Sundays will be used for going to church. Every morning in the main office, we will say a prayer.
  3. If there’s good reason, everyone is expected to work overtime.
  4. The senior employee is responsible for the cleaning of the offices. All the young employees will come to him 40 minutes before the prayer and stay with him after work has ended.
  5. Simple clothing is law. Personnel are not allowed to wear light or glittering colours and have to wear sensible socks. Overshoes and coasts will not be work in the office since there is a heating system. An exception is scarves and hats when the weather is bad. It is also recommended that during winter months, personal bring four pounds of coal daily.
  6. It is not allowed to talk during office hours. An employee who smokes, drinks alcoholic beverages, visit billiard pools or political rallies, shows that his honour, thinking and sense of order will be doubted.
  7. Eating time is between 11:30 and 12:00. However, everyone is expected to keep working.
  8. Our customers and members of management must be treated with honour, respect and humility.
  9. Each employee has the duty to look out for his health. In case of sickness, there will be no salary. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone puts away a part of his salary for sickness or old age. This is done so that in the above cases, he doesn’t have to go on welfare!
  10. Since this is a much better policy than the last one, we want to emphasize the generosity of this policy. For this reason, more work is expected.

Krysty Wideen is a learning and organizational development consultant with The Refinery Leadership Partners, based in Vancouver. Failing to leave her day job at work, she often finds herself relating every day, commonplace observations and activities to insights about leadership, business, human resources, and anything, really. Now she has a place to share her observations and insights.


2 Responses

  1. This is hilarious! I just may send it around to my employees to let them know just how good they have it! haha!

  2. Yes, they should be thankful they don’t live in Medieval times!

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