Remember when it was called a weblog?

A few weeks back I received an out of the blue email from a fellow HR professional, Stephanie Andrews of Alberta, asking if she could be one of our featured bloggers.  How flattering!  Thanks to our team of bloggers, this blog’s readership has grown in the last few months and now we’re starting to cross borders.  I feel like a proud mama… the HR world is coming of age and feeling more and more comfortable participating in the Web 2.0 world.

Although the internet is borderless, I unfortunately must do the sometimes uncomfortable HR policing thing and enforce the rules:  Stephanie didn’t belong to the BC HR association and therefore was not qualified to participate.  But being the rock star that she is, Stephanie submitted a draft post for my creative feedback and subsequently posted on Renegade HR.  Now she’s looking at starting up a blog with her HR association.  Can’t wait to see it and all of our writers should be thrilled that they are inspiring their profession.

So, here’s an open recruiting call to B.C. HR professionals if you want to join in on Fireside HR.  Do the self-sufficient thing and check out the details here.

 Helen Luketic is the manager of HR metrics & research at BC Human Resources Management Association.  Besides editing this blog, researching and running the HR Metrics Service, she ponders when the next season of The Bachelorette will begin.


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  2. Helen – I thought I’d add a bit of a rah-rah to this post.

    We’d love to have some diversity of voices – join our roster. If you see that there is a gap in what we offer, put your idea forward. Maybe you think we don’t have a union voice or don’t seem to represent your industry or organization size. Maybe you have a great idea for a style of posts that we are missing (inspirational quotes, sports analogies, interviews…). Check out some other HR blogs: for inspiration.

    Of course, you have to meet the requirements and we are planning a selection process to match Survivor (just kidding. mostly), but if you make the cut, we promise to share blogging tips, feedback and do our best to support you.

    PS – has Stephanie issued some kind of intra-Canadian HR blogging smack down? Her post is smokin!

  3. Wow – I’m on day 3 of being beaten down by the flu, and have finally crawled to the computer to open my email to this awesome post!

    Thanks so much Helen for bringing up this point of where HR and the world-wide blogosphere mix.

    I really appreciated your feedback, and as a result I am working with the HRIA (HR Institute of Alberta) on our own Facebook page and possibly blog.

    I hope that we can work to open doors and opportunities for HR pros across Canada to share stories, frustrations, and new trends; since let’s face it, if we can’t talk to each other, who else in this confidential industry can we?

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