About Fireside

The welcome mat is out!  You’ve arrived at the new spot for B.C.’s Human Resources professionals to get their yayas out.  Seven writers, seven personal histories, seven ways this could all go very, very well or very, very wrong.  It’s like The View for HR and business folks but with informed opinions.

This blog is their place to tell you what they think about what’s going on and what they think should really matter.

They’re using this medium to get their message across about the New Deal for HR:  we are not paper pushers, policy policers, or Personnel-Department-old-school-thinking folks; business can’t run without its people and we bring the people agenda to the business table.  We stick it to the proverbial man with how much we know our stuff.

This blog is ultimately for you, the reader.  Tune in regularly and be sure to post your own comments, ask questions, and challenge status quo thinking.

The fine print:  This is a member-driven blog. The views expressed on the blog belong to the writer and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of the BC Human Resources Management Association.
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