Give new employees a learning plan

One of the most valuable HR lessons I’ve learned from my new job is the value of a learning plan.  By that, I mean a training timeline for new front-line staff.  It is understandable that new staff cannot be given all the training they require in one day.  To learn the job-specific and site-specific skills they require to excel on the job site, employees may need to work with multiple trainers, shadow multiple employees or learn to work with various types of tools and media.  In reality, orientation may extend over more than one day, and training may take place over more than one week.

Not every company has the ability to implement an onboarding experience for their new employees.  A learning plan, however, is a great foundation for exactly this – by outlining when a new employee will work with certain individuals and complete particular training programs, your new hires become more aware of the duration of the training process at your company, giving structure to your company’s training process and enabling you to schedule all of the relevant trainers before the new employee enters the job site.

A very simple example of this is shown below:

By making your training program more transparent, it becomes easier for your new employees to embrace their new workplace, and to understand his/her role within it.

Geraldine Sangalang is an HR pro working at the Robson Square Courthouse.  She volunteers as a BC HRMA GV CAN Networking Co-Chair, as well as a recruiter for Meaningful Volunteer.  On her private time, Geraldine loves scrapbooking, hiking, kayaking, and dining out with friends.